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A Tall Giant

Majestic mountains misted in silver,
Stand surrounding a spectacular secret
A hill, hidden among them, hedged by streams.
From afar it looks feeble and small,
Dominated by the dwarfing, distant peaks.
As I approach the apex that expands across the plane,
across the vast valley between the valiant summits,
that modest mount mesmerisingly grows.
Through rills and rushing rivulets I walk,
that weave a web, wreathing like earth’s veins,
until at my toes a tall giant stands.
I clamber and climb up the craggy path,
Through sparse grass and greenery that grows on the rocks,
Past cattle that cowers cautiously away.
As I ascend, the sun shines one me softly,
Illuming the landscape in luscious colors.
Finally I finish my flight up the mountain
And before me is far and wide a fantastic sight:
I stand on a summit that seemed so small from afar
Yet is still modest next to the marvelous mountains
That expand prodigously past the vast valley.

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