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Hairy Legs

I don’t shave my legs. That may be a shocking statement to some, or an inspiring to others. What do you think? This topic is something that I thought about after watching this video.

To be honest, I feel conflicted about not shaving my legs ALL THE TIME. Western society has turned female leg hair into such a taboo that a woman with leg hair is just completely unthinkable. Nevertheless, every summer I try to overcome my fears and just go out with my unshaved legs (pictured). To be honest, my leg hair is very thin and very blonde, so for the most part, it is almost invisible anyway unless you look very closely. However, there are always situations in which I become uncomfortably aware of it, like for example when I sit very close to other people. That happened once in New York while I was sitting on the stairs of Union Square and a guy next to me gave me weird looks after looking at my legs. He turned out to be a snobby German though1.

Another situation that made me feel uncomfortable about my leg hair was when I went to see a doctor about pain in my foot2. He examined my foot and my shins, the latter of which happen to be where my leg hair is most visible. Of course he didn’t say anything, but I still felt weird about it. This makes me feel kind of angry at myself, because I shouldn’t feel weird about my legs just because society has sexualized women’s bodies so much that leg hair is completely unthinkable.

On the other hand, even though I don’t mind my legs hair and I throughly enjoy long hair, I find myself not being a fan of body hair on other parts of the body. One of those cases is armpit hair. I absolutely hate armpit hair, not only on myself but also on other people (yes, even men). However, I guess there’s a crucial difference in that kind of hair and other kinds of hair… it’s usually not very pretty at all. Head hair, on the other hand, is. And my leg hair… well, as I said, it’s fairly invisible and usually it doesn’t bother me at all.

I’m wondering what your opinions and experiences are with this. Did you ever go out with unshaved legs and feel weird about it?

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